Q1 What are your payment terms?
  Ans. Visa™ / MasterCard™ / Discover™ / Paypal™ / NET Terms*
  Q2 What types of campaigns do you accept?
  Ans. All campaigns are on a auction based format such like other Pay Per Click (PPC) programs.  Campaigns will be shown via our XML Keword Feed, Contextual Feed / Java Script, or In-Text.
  Q3 What fraud measurements have you implemented into your network?
  Ans. All CPC campaigns are based on unique clicks per 24 hour period.  Our anti-fraud filtering system automatically scans for various forms of fraudulent activity such as auto-bots, click bots, and proxy services to name a few.
  Q4 What types of targeting services do you offer to advertisers?
  Ans. RealTechNetwork offers the following types of targeting to our advertisers:
  • Geo-targeting (Worldwide)
  • Keyword targeting (Broad/Exact/Phrase)
  • Contextual targeting
  • In-Text targeting
      Q5 How much control do I have on my campaign?
      Ans. Advertisers have complete control over their campaign. Advertisers can change targets, creatives, and weights on their campaigns on the fly within their control center.
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